Christina Adberg, MD MPH FACOG • Paula McAllister, MD FACOG

New Phone - 323 452-9655

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How to find our new office: We're on San Vicente Boulevard, between Wilshire and Olympic. We're basically where Crescent Heights would cross San Vicente, but the street isn't called Crescent Heights here (it's called Carillo in this block). Here's our new office location in Google Maps.

Parking: There is parking below our building. To access that, there is an entrance off of Commodore Sloat Drive. We do not validate. There is also some on-street parking, but please be aware of the multiple parking restrictions including street cleaning times and rush hour times.

A note about insurance: There have been a lot of changes in insurance options this year. We understand that this has been a challenge, especially for people with individual plans. Unfortunately, due to our operating expenses as a small practice, we are not contracted with all "Covered California" plans. Covered California patients often do not have out-of-network benefits and usually will not be reimbursed by their insurance plan for expenses incurred at our office. We are currently contracted with most "Group" PPO insurance plans (which are generally employer based), and we are happy to see patients who choose to go out-of-network. We know that this can be confusing, and we will do our best to help you with your specific situation when you call for an appointment.



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6310 San Vicente Blvd, Suite 330, Los Angeles, CA 90048 • phone 323-452-9655 • fax 877-405-2972